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Metal spinning parts
for ventilation plant constructions

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Rapid. Precise. Flexible in form.

Support for your production since 1981

Our vision is to be at your disposal when it comes to high performance metal spinning parts. Quick and reliable. Throughout Europe!

We are experts in this field since 1981. We produce without tool moulds. Radius and final dimension are produced free form. Completely flexible. Without any costs for the casting mould. According to your technical requirements.

We would like to support you to achieve your goals in terms of industrial fans. Due to our many years of experience in metalworking and ventilation plant constructions, we guarantee highest quality of our products. We also guarantee a delivery on time.

Trust in us as your reliable partner for metal spinning parts!

Our production advantages

+ Material thickness from 2 to 10 mm

+ Low deviation from ± 1 to 2 mm

+ ALL diameters possible

+ Drilling possible

+ Short term processing

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Single unit
& batch production

Because of our highly efficient production and our sophisticated storage System we are proud to produce short term almost all quantities and sizes.

Free packaging

Secure transport without extra costs.
With us, you don't pay a single cent for packing time and also get pallets and boxes for free.

Known for high quality
all over Europe

We are proud to be able to offer our customers first-class service and innovative solutions.
We are now known for this throughout Europe.

Would you like to profit
from our products?

Please contact us!

Fast delivery

Always one step ahead. All over Europe.

We guarantee the punctual, smooth delivery of our products in record time – our freight forwarding partner makes it possible.

You want to save on shipping costs? Collection from our production facility in Wassenberg is possible!