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Intake cones, shown in perspective as a wire model
Intake cones

Intake cones

For a perfect centring of your impeller!

Our specially developed intake cones fit your project exactly!

They are made of high-quality materials and withstand even the toughest working conditions.

They are produced free form and fit perfectly to your individual requirements. With their form-flexible and high-performance shape, they ensure perfect centring of the impellers and thus better quality for your industrial fans.

Short term processing

From 3 mm material thickness

Low deviation from ± 1 to 2 mm

Technical details

Intake cones
metallic shiny perspective intake cone on white background
Technical drawing of an intake cone with dimensions


Ø inside / Ø outside

processing area Ø 150 mm to Ø 3500 mm



radius from 15 mm to 370 mm


material thickness

3 to 10 mm – also with high strength steel (r ≥ 95 mm → s = 8 to 10 mm)



as required

Shiny metallic intake cone, standing on white background Shiny metallic intake cone, taken from diagonally in front, on white background


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